Bucket List



 At some time during this life everyone has thought about a bucket-list, an itemized list of the things you’de like to do before you depart this old world.


The truth is those thoughts  bring to mind a mixture of sighs, laughter, and tears for the most of us: which leads me to the Bite for tonight;” while contemplating my bucket-list I realized it wasn’t very long but I was comforted and reassured by the fact that my forget it-list was enormous.”

While this ThinkerBite may be slightly on the light side of positive thinking, it is steeped in real world Personal Development. The facts are fairly plain that you never know when the instance of your death will become imminent and it’s not likely that God will text you or post it on the heavenly version of Facebook, because  graphics-3d-smileys-656745after all, departure particularities are usually unannounced.


This being the case, it is wiser to use today while you have the time instead of relinquishing time to your negative nature and putting off necessities until a more opportune moment, which somehow never seems to arrive. All in all, you could end up with a serious bag of nagging future regret because procrastination was never a friend, just a well-disguised enemy, so avoid it every chance you get. Start today, begin today and you’ll never regret tomorrow’s  abrupt appearance.

Time is a commodity for which there is truly no marketplace, no one can become wealthy enough to purchase more of it, at any price and when your time on this planet is up, that’s it …. live every day like it’s your last and you’ll never be sorry you did; it might be. Your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites has both a heart and a way to help you see the path to your goals because;” It’s All About The U Inside You” …



It's About You!

It’s About You!