The Success Magnet


The Success Magnet

If you’ve ever worked on machinery of some sort then this post will make sense to you and if not we’ll make an effort here to explain the premise our ThinkerBite for tonight. There’s no way, having worked on your car, tractor or sewing machine that you haven’t dropped a part or a metal tool into the machine, then proceeded to play hunt for it. This event can and sometimes does present a real challenge to your patience as well as your temper. At those times, more likely than not, the thought that there must be a better way than blind searching by feeling because the object of your quest usually falls into somewhere that you can’t see for light or location and you begin to get as nervous as a “cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”


At some point, you just got to step back and relax for a few before continuing to hunt and peck. Idea: how about a magnet attached to a flexible piece of the appropriate type of tubing! Aha, and believe it or not, it works like a charm. The screw, bolt, tool or whatever loose metal component was hiding from you is instantly attracted to the magnet, problem solved. The Bite for tonight is all about a success magnet; The strongest magnet for attracting success is massive action.” In order to attract Success into your life the best thing to employ is massive action and if you try it, you’ll quickly discover it works. Since failure can be accomplished with little, incorrect or no action then it would logically follow that success would require the opposite and it does.

Success really requires two key items, massive action and lots of hard work, the hard work comes as a result of the action, once it begins to be directionally driven, success responds to positive attractants.


So, get your personal success in motion, apply some massive action and you will attract success and all of it’s traveling companions; including happiness, wealth, health and peace of mind. As always;” It’s All About The U Inside You” so exercise the muscles of your Personal Development which ¬†will direct¬†your action and your dream life is on the way!


It's About You!

It’s About You!