Life On A Finger


Life On A Finger

A Story:

It was a dark and stormy night: as the rain fell and the wind howled, I was making my way to the surface, having been buried for; I don’t know how long, I was understandably anxious to be free and see the outside world. However, there would be no welcome party, no proud parents awaiting my arrival and no one to offer even a”welcome home” or we’re delighted to see you. At first glance, I was not pretty, handsome, fancy or even ugly. For that matter, I just was! Aha I was still alive, breaking free my bonds of the flesh and claiming my personal space in the world. I was just beginning my life of a barely noticeable bump upon the baby finger of my host, call me what you will; my name is Larry.

In the beginning, my host didn’t even attempt to abuse me but that was all about to change; I was poked, prodded, twisted, pinched and forced into the most uncomfortable positions imaginable. The peaceful good old times of my past, gave way to an all-out frontal attack but I was still holding my own. I surmised by her behavior, that she felt no benevolence toward our relationship, in fact, my aggressive host was purposely trying to inflict copious amounts of pain and cause major bodily harm to me. I was treated as though I had no right to my own existence and my future or should I say, lack of one, was seriously in question. In the days to come, I would be personally introduced to a shinny tool referred to as tweezers; two metal sticks used to squeeze me as if I were a splinter under her skin, but alas, I was most definitely not!Be that as it may, I was repeatedly subjected to this humiliating ordeal and then left to recuperate all on my own. Following these atrocities, were the relentless needle attacks which would come and go at all hours around the clock. Despite all the pain being inflected upon me and my health in major jeopardy, I still continue to fight back, attempting to grow under the most adverse conditions that anyone could imagine.

Time marches on and for some unknown reason, I am more or less ignored, as I settle in to create a comfortable, new home. I was relieved and beginning to relax as most of my abrasions and injuries had all but disappeared. Oh naive me; I had no idea about the next onslaught which was to befall me, for my host had not yet begun to “bring out the big guns.” I was about to stand face to face with my most frightening foe: a Dermatologist, which is another word for nightmare, commonly called a skin doctor and I was about to learn that he didn’t fight fair…My first encounter with him remains forever etched into my memory: The hissing sounds of a freezing white cloud that clung to my body and covered me completely with frost. It was at this point in time, I began to understand the full gravity of my predicament. I was somewhat traumatized, exhausted and paranoid. Well, time waits on no wart and an incoming attack was immanent; an extremely bright light is examining every part of my anatomy, where I am once more subjected to poking, prodding, twisting and mashing. I gasp in a deep breath, exhale and the bright light disappears. Suddenly, I am itching all over, parts of me are turning white and a burning sensation is rushing though my entire being. I think I’m being purposely injected with something that’s designed to kill me, as I realize that my days are probably numbered. Two facts have become obviously apparent to me: that my host does not want me and sometimes life just sucks. I am alone, sad, and in tremendous pain but I’m still alive. I’ll hang in there as long as I can; for you see I live on Tonya’s baby finger; while it ain’t the Ritz it is home, such as it is….





It's About You!

It’s About You!