Negative Or Positive?


Positive Or Negative?

It’s no secret that the world operates on the negative side of life perspective, exactly opposite to the Law Of Positivity and the all of the components that it makes optimism possible. It’s a commonly understood fact that people who subscribe to the negative side of perception are also stuck in the pessimistic view of life.


The factor to be considered when choosing to hold beliefs defined by and attracting negativity and all of its co-factor results, because Negativity can not produce positive effects or reactions, therefore it can only produce in-kind. The first Law of Positivity is that positive actions and attitudes produce positive results and effects. Thus, likewise Negative actions and attitudes produce negative results and effects. A human being can’t ride the fence with actions that are positive while possessing a negative attitude and expect to attain a positive result from a positive reaction. “The pessimist perceives the difficulty in every opportunity, while the optimist perceives the opportunity in every difficulty.” > Winston Churchill.images-9

Get a serious grasp on this ThinkerBite and take it to heart, your perspective will direct your attitude and that will enable your journey on the path to your dreams and goals. Bring a Positive perspective to the table or don’t waste your time trying to play the game, stay home and at least you won’t be overworked and stressed out…or will you? “It’s All About The U Inside You” and it still is! YOU are your bottom line, deciding factor, selecting body and judge of the end result for you and the future of your family.


It's About You!

It’s About You!