It’s Your Time


Your Time

The subject for today’s ThinkerBite is mentioned in passing by most human beings on a regular basis and the center of mankind’s thoughts the rest of the time. I felt the need to write about this again due to it’s direct connection to the advancement or decline in the growth of Personal Development for each of us.

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The weightiness of this concept MUST be reinforced in your mind and throughout your plan/goal initiatives in order to enable the inner Self  to remain in the driver’s seat. The realization of this key keeps Personal Development in control of the successful outcome of your life and on the advance toward the full attainment of your dreams while alleviating the  common natural Negativity with which we all struggle daily. The Bite is this; “Don’t spend your efforts on anything that or anyone which wastes time because time is the stuff that life is made of. Your time in this world is allotted to you at birth, the span of it is non-negotiable, uncertain and nonrenewable.

At ThinkerBites, we conclude with this thought “Let the wise be a prized: that to negate action is a negative action, therefore the truth is that not to make a choice is a choice and that’s a fair conclusion based on  the reason of logic.” 



It's About You!

It’s About You!