Alienation By Design

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I’ve heard it said by many well-meaning entrepreneurs and small business people said to be into Personal Development that the process of success attraction is a journey which requires a constant all consuming forward motion of work.

graphics-sign-figure-143935This effort, unfortunately, consists of time spent on nothing else, which means everything else is ignored; the everything else includes wife, children, family, friends, hobbies, quite past time, recreation and all other personal responsibilities. See the cartoon on the right, the little guy never stops to smell the roses or even notice the beauty   around him; he’s mesmerized and oblivious to everything but his trek forward,  It’s always the small things in life which matter most. Balance is the key to Happiness, which aids in the attraction of Success…

If this is you and your journey to attract Success and happiness, then rubber-stamp a big loser in  the middle of your for forehead because you are the ultimate loser if you should attract a certain amount of Success, everything and everyone else in your life will suck. You can miss the important open house at your kid’s school and the break that your wife so desperately needed that you didn’t have time for, all the books you should have read and all the simple pleasures of life that you missed; all on your way to where?


What good is it to attract success in one area of life, only to lose it on every other important front? Success and happiness must be reached together, otherwise,  you’re only half-way successful which was probably not your intended goal. When success is approached in this manner, what good is a finical success; if you have obtained the big house of your dreams and all the monetary wealth but you sit in that big house all alone because you have alienated the reasons you wanted all this in the first place. The ThinkerBite for today is; ” When  your goals become an effort which disregards all else, they aren’t goals anymore they have become a sentence and you’ve become the prisoner.”  At first, the idea of constantly excessive goal attainment was not of your making, it sort-of designed  a path of it’s own. Remember, just because it drives you not to notice all the other influences in your life, you must stop and assess your goals periodically, realizing that’s not what it was all about when you began the journey.


It's About You!

It’s About You!