How’s Your Health?

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How’s Your Health?

When it comes to a person’s health, everyone pays attention to their own body’s signals in one way or another. The situation of faltering health can usually be ignored for a given period of time but eventually will have it’s way with every human being that ever has or will live.  The Bite for tonight is “Health is the  Wealth” and of interest to us all. It should be a subject that we seriously embrace rather than one we adamantly avoid.

I have heard respected, relatively intelligent people say things like; I just don’t have the time to go to the doctor. Let’s think about the logic in that one; if your health goes out the window, you’ll for sure discover the necessary time to visit a doctor or your friendly undertaker. The other common  point stated; I don’t have the money to pay a Doctor’s bill.


Well, you’ll have a lot less money when you really get sick and a stay in the hospital is required to hopefully save what’s left of your physical life so that argument doesn’t hold much validity either.

If you make time for the Doctor, you might just increase the time before a visit to “Digger Odell” the undertaker is necessary.  We’ll all die someday but medical intervention can lengthen the quantity and the quality of our physical lives if utilized reasonably.The maintenance of the body is essential and the intelligent thing to do by anybody’s standards.


We are all keenly aware of the health of our bodies, but what about the health of our attitudes. Yes, attitude diseases; these are those things which dictate our behavior and the course of our  life reality. WARNING: these attitude bacteria and viruses can and will cause a detrimental effect on the mental  focus of the human mind. The Key is; watch your health both physically and attitudinally. Regularly weed the garden of your attitude or don’t be surprised at the overgrowth that invades every living part of your reality, choking out all your dreams for a better tomorrow, leaving you defeated and depressed. Start each day with a calm, collected and focused “GOOD attitude that everyone will notice and if you don’t everyone will notice that too!


It's About You!

It’s About You!