Trick or Treat





Happy Halloween from your fiendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites with a TREAT of a Bite for your mental taster;  ” Looks can be deceiving because what appears to be appealing on the outside, may be really ugly inside.” Just like real life, sometimes things we find attractive, may turn out to be something we don’t need and we didn’t want in the first place. We tend to select things too quickly in the modern “instant everything world” of today. Often times, so much so, that the quality of the things we accumulate aren’t of the value we would have chosen if we had taken our time to really check things out, instead of jumping in with both feet before testing the waters. The Halloween trick or treat traditions are cute and fun for the kids, it’s all about the candy not to mention that it’s a great excuse for wearing a costume or having a party. graphics-spiders-061430

Like your body: be careful how you build and maintain the inside of your head; keep your mind positively thinking and your good attitude dusted-off and on the forefront of your everyday goal plans. Remember that just because something is angelic outside, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a demon lurking behind it, deep in the places that can’t easily be recognized. WARNING: negativity is a demon waiting behind every corner for a mind that’s not paying attention…so how about yours?


Get the treat and pass the trick every time you can; as the wise man once said; “The nicest bell free left unattended will always grow the nasty-est bats” juts think about it awhile, LOL.  Happy Halloween from us here at ThinkerBites.


It's About You!

It’s About You!