The Mile-Markers

interstate_markers_gallery-custom-1  The Mile-Markers

When traveling a major highway or interstate roadway it is common to pass small signs on the roadside which indicate the distance in miles to the next designated point or location. These mile-markers are utilized more by commercial drivers and emergency vehicles than by the general population of travelers on the roadways.


The miles pass quickly while traveling in an automobile at 55 to 75 miles per hour and after a while driving or riding in the car even a short time, a mile doesn’t seem like much distance. This viewpoint will however abruptly change if the car becomes inoperable and all of the sudden you’re afoot, the experience will no doubt increase the respect and admiration levels you have toward your old car. The fact is when your walking, a mile is a long way and one of these adventures will probably be sufficient to kindle a warm spot in your heart for that old clunker! The Bite for today is;” Failures are only mile-marker signs on the roadway to Success and Happiness.” The distance for all of us on that road may be different but the potholes and road conditions are the same so don’t get discouraged or quit. The failures that seem to block your way ahead are really only mile-makers along the way and you’ll get there, just when you should!    ThinkerBites


It's About You!

It’s About You!