It’s So Over


It’s So Over

There’s an old saying that fits the ThinkerBite for tonight;” It’s too late to shut the gate when the horse is already out and eating the garden.” The idea conveyed here is commonly used to illustrate the principle that the ideal time to deal with a problem is before it occurs and not after it happens, which when you think about it, makes a lot of horse sense!


Well on to the point of the point tonight; isn’t it really sad when we look back into our pasts and wish we could redo the times of our lives? Of course, that’s not possible and yet most all of us have experienced the feeling at one time or another. It should lead us to understand that while our lives are individual we aren’t very much in control over the events which occur in them. The truth emerges here that we can only control ourselves and not the events that occur in the lives of others around us. The Law of Attraction works for us when attached to a plan of action and fortified with hard work. Stop worrying about yesterday, it’s SO OVER and no matter what app is on your smart phone, you can’t fix “over”…

Work for today and plan for tomorrow but quit dwelling on the gates of yesterday, the horse is already gotten out. Spend the necessary design time for a better plan to prevent the same mistake from reoccurring in your future. It can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes but dreading that won’t change a thing, instead change the way you think about the past and learn from it. Better days past, present, and future are on the way for you; move on with them and don’t look back! Remember, think positively, get a vision and work on it with positive action..” It’s All About The U Inside You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!