Are You Satisfied?

When thinking about the question at hand, the answer may be slow popping into your head. Are you satisfied with your present situation, circumstances, and lifestyle?


It’s a puzzle that we all have to solve if the end goal is to be happy and attract success. The realm of human satisfaction is sort of a tricky deal to control, some things bring satisfied feelings on a short term basis then become boring and fail in the long term. The path to personal satisfaction can be confusing, difficult to navigate and frustrating to the nth degree so be patient, calm and approach the matter from a positive perspective.mini-graphics-cartoons-725546

Satisfaction is like a thundershower, whether it’s good or not might be determined by how wet you’re getting in the process! The Bite for tonight is;”Satisfaction in this life is attained when you strive to become both the student and the teacher.” Pure satisfaction is always contained more in helping others than in self-advancement, so go the extra mile for the other person, it pays real satisfaction dividends when it’s all said and done. Remember that the better person that you can become is dependent on how you treat others and in the long run, you will always gain in kind. Tonight’s Bite was presented by your satisfiedfriendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites.


It's About You!

It’s About You!