The above photo is an authentic pair of traditional foot ware (moccasins) worn by the American plains Indian Sioux Tribe. The portrait of the Native American Indian below is remastered from an old “TIN” photograph of the late 1800’s.


The person represented in the photograph is the great Native American Indian war Chief “Red Cloud” of the Sioux Nation, who was branded a savage by our American society, media, and the government of the United States; along side, “Sitting Bull” and several others. History records that their land was invaded, forcibly taken, their people killed and mistreated which even today leaves the right or wrong of Indian actions in question. It appears to even the casual student of American History, that they were simply defending their home, way of life and their people. These observations leave us with a native American Indian proverb for our ThinkerBite tonight;”Judge not another’s path until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.”


Although I am a proud American, I still think that History will view that most of the things done under the name of “good Government” to the indigenous peoples of America constitute grievous, cruel and unjust actions which contradict all we claim to hold as fair, honest, and right under our Laws and The Constitution of the United States of America. Anyone searching for real facts should investigate the tragedy at Wounded Knee, the facts speak for themselves, the military actions which occurred there are reprehensible, evil and were purposely overlooked by those in authority. The line of thinking deemed as necessary by an untrustworthy Government establishment intent on removing the Indian from his lands by any means necessary. The means were justified by the ends principal which always results in acts of human deprivation. The actions in question here were inhuman, unjust, and criminal by any standards. The historical travesties which occurred will remain forever an indelibledark blot” on the pages  of the records containing the character of American  government and  it’s history. The photograph below is the great War Chief “Sitting Bull” of the Sioux nation who was the Cheif that led the battle of the Little Big Horn; the battle which saw the total annihilation of the seventh cavalry under General George Custer in the American Indian Wars of 1876.



The facts of human nature reveal that we all tend to judge the actions and motivation of others with an eye which is far more critical of them than of ourselves. Unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes then you can’t know why they behave or react as they do, as previously high-lighted above. Care should be taken when dealing with the actions of others; to give them the ‘benefit of the doubt’ in judging the intention of their actions. The next time that you begin to judge the actions of someone else; first think, have I walked a mile in his/her shoes? At is then our duty to react in a manner that is humanly appropriate…ThinkerBites.



It's About You!

It’s About You!