The Most Confusing


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I suppose that we should begin the conversation here tonight by discussing the things in this life common to all of us;  for instance, there are some confusing things that show up in our lives with some regularity. It seems sometimes that when happenstance begins to spiral in a downward direction; life takes a “nose dive” which causes its inertia to attract stuff on the way down and drag it into the rest of the crash, like a tornado sucking in everything in its path.


The truth is that despite our positive attitudes, sometimes we all have those days in which perplexing, misunderstood, stressfully confusing things and events transpire, solidify, occur and “swarm on you” like a bunch of army-ants.ant-bridge

The outcome for most of us is an all but immediate self-examination, which ultimately proves that it was all someone else’s fault from the get-go and there we are nonetheless in the midst of a major life catastrophe. The case can solidly be made that nothing and no one thing can cause more confusion  and generate more drama in our lives than, of course, other human beings!  Thus we have the purpose for tonight’s “Bite” from your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites; “Out of everything in the universe, human beings can be the most confusing; they want to eat like a horse, remember like an elephant,be stubborn like a mule, be sociable as a grizzly bear, make a stink like a skunk and be respected as the wellrounded person that they ought to be.”



It's About You!

It’s About You!