Looking In The Wrong Place

2012-03-25 17.58.31

 The Wrong Place

What is the very first place that most of us look when anything goes wrong in our lives? If you’re in the norm, then it’s our inclination to begin to search for someone  or something to point the finger of blame toward and it’s out side of the real source of the problem. The real source is  most usually the  internal and not external.(aka) We are responsible for our own troubles and our actions or lack thereof are the causative agents which initiated the reaction that resulted which was not on our list of desired events in the first place.

Hold still, let me get the eyeball on ya

The Bite for tonight is courtesy of your friendlyonlineneighborhoodThinkerBites; “Introspection is the necessary catalyst for improving self, which will usually prove to be the solution to the  majority of life’s problems.” Remember that life problems are usually an inside job so don’t search outside the box first; an internal investigation is the easiest and most effective solution. “It’s All About The U Inside You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!