A Better Down Payment


 A Better Down Payment

You’ve heard it said; that money can’t buy happiness, well that’s true, but it can’t buy any of the things in life that are the most important; such as love, compassion, selflessness, peace of mind, class or a real friend. All that being said money does have a place in the realm of happiness, in that it is a tool which can provide the time  freedom  necessary to enjoy the happiness in your life.


It must be understood that being rich and being wealthy are not the same thing; you can be rich in the most important venues of life and not be wealthy monetarily. The things that make you rich are love, peace, wisdom, family, positive relationships and doing things for others. The things which make you wealthy are accumulated things, fame, popularity, money, skills and  generally respected accomplishments. Honestly, I prefer to be rich rather than wealthy, although I appreciate the things that can make life easier just like everyone else. Wealth in of itself is not a bad or evil thing but the mindset that it’s all that matters is.



Life is all about people and not things; that in mind here’s the Bite for tonight:” Happiness, it’s just one of those things money can’t buy, love can’t buy it either but it makes a lot better down payment don’t you think?” Love and the sharing of it, is the mark of someone who is truly happy, successful and rich…love is a better down payment on happiness than any amount of money. This jewel of wisdom is offered for your thoughtful consideration from your friendlyonlineneighborhood  ThinkerBites where; “It’s All About The U Inside You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!