When you’re young, you approach everything that comes across your path like a bull in the fighting ring; snorting, challenging and pushing your way through life with all the force of a bulldozer.

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Even though you’re not always sure about your methods, all the while flexing your muscles and effecting change by sheer physical force. The awakening will come to you, it seems almost over night while the reality is; it takes a course of many years which pass so quickly, you will barely notice until they’re all but gone. By the time it registers in your mind, it will no longer be possible for you to achieve the speed and drive of youth and you’ll begin to understand that the force that mother nature gave you, father time is taking away.


Time has a way of changing things, places and people. Your wants, desires, and expectations will all change from age twenty-five to age fifty, along with your ‘modus-Operandi’, your mode of operation, even the way you think about what you think. To this end, we offer the Bite for tonight; “Yesterday, I was younger, clever and wanted to change the worldnow I’m older, wiser and realize the world didn’t need changing, I only needed to change me.” Grasp the idea; “It’s All About The U Inside You” stop trying to change other people, it will take a lifetime for you to change yourself ….ThinkerBites.




It's About You!

It’s About You!