What Would It Take?


What Would It Take?

The question is relevant to everyone, everywhere in every time; the question is, what is the question? The answer is also relevant if you only knew the question, so…..drum roll and flashing neon signs along with the appropriate amount of pyrotechnics: pay attention cause here comes the question……


In the form of a ThinkerBite and the Bite for tonight;”What will it take to knock you out of the ring or make you give up the fight?” That’s right if you’re serious and in the fight, then the real stage setting is more like a boxing ring and you’re either a combatant in the fight or a ringside non-participating audience member. You can “NEVER” win one round, if  you quit or if you’re not even in the contest, to begin with.

Think along the “boxing” line of thought with me and ask yourself, what kind of punch will life have to hit you with before you’re down for the count, knocked-out or just give-in/give-up altogether? Will it take a tap, a jab or two, or an Arkansas hay-maker to put you out of action or on the sidelines?  images-26

Remember, there aren’t any “lookylou’s” in a boxing match that are standing up when they exit the ring! A word to the wise, please be aware that the success and happiness you desire aren’t acquainted with or attracted to non-participating spectators, neither are they familiar with inaction and it’s practitioners.  Get involved in yourself, you’re worth it, “It’s All About The U Inside You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!