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The Mile-Markers

  The Mile-Markers When traveling a major highway or interstate roadway it is common to pass small signs on the roadside which indicate the distance in miles to the next designated point or location. These mile-markers are utilized more by commercial drivers and emergency vehicles than by the general population of travelers on the roadways. The miles pass […]


It’s So Over

It’s So Over There’s an old saying that fits the ThinkerBite for tonight;” It’s too late to shut the gate when the horse is already out and eating the garden.” The idea conveyed here is commonly used to illustrate the principle that the ideal time to deal with a problem is before it occurs and […]


Trick or Treat

     TRICK or TREAT Happy Halloween from your fiendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites with a TREAT of a Bite for your mental taster;  ” Looks can be deceiving because what appears to be appealing on the outside, may be really ugly inside.” Just like real life, sometimes things we find attractive, may turn out to be something […]


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Over The Rainbow Most people on the planet are familiar with the old standard song somewhere over the rainbow from the motion picture The Wizard Of Oz. It is a mystically whimsical song about an imaginary place where life is pleasant, peaceful, calm and happy all of the time. It’s a place of escape from the grind […]


How’s Your Health?

How’s Your Health? When it comes to a person’s health, everyone pays attention to their own body’s signals in one way or another. The situation of faltering health can usually be ignored for a given period of time but eventually will have it’s way with every human being that ever has or will live.  The Bite for tonight is […]


Alienation By Design

ALIENATION BY DESIGN I’ve heard it said by many well-meaning entrepreneurs and small business people said to be into Personal Development that the process of success attraction is a journey which requires a constant all consuming forward motion of work. This effort, unfortunately, consists of time spent on nothing else, which means everything else is ignored; […]