What Is Does It Mean?


Hypothesis: what does it mean?

Nearly everybody knows that we are talking about the meaning or definition of a particular item, place, person or thing and the subject at hand is Hypothesis; what the heck is it?  Leave it to ThinkerBites to update your education in this area. The answer may or may not amaze, shock and surprise you but here goes; a hypothesis is a device used to capture hippopotamuses, there now that was pretty easy, right?  The Bite for tonight as illustrated in the photograph below is; “Slow doesn’t mean harmless, sometimes the size of the teeth do matter and when the objective is to navigate the swamp, not to get bit in the first place !


I think so but as logical as it may sound, it’s not one of those devices(I don’t think they really exist) the definitive device I mean. Therefore, the answer to the question is still “up for grabs” and we’re ready to take a good shot at it. A hypothesis is a slow thesis; the prefix hypo means slow and a thesis is a planned, carefully considered conception based on exhaustive examination of all the pertinent facts involved, resulting in a logical, workable conclusion: all mixed together and “presto” a hypothesis! When in unfamiliar territory, it’s better to be slow and cautious than eaten. Don’t rush into things you aren’t sure about,trust yourself like the old proverb says, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Design a well thought out hypothesis for your life that works for you, “It’s All About The U In You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!