The Perfect Advice



The Bite for tonight is all about the perfect advice. There are a couple of things that we should advise you about the “perfect advice“; first, it’s very hard to come by,  secondly, there are a great number of people who claim to be privy to it and  thirdly, what is great advice for me may be very bad advice for you. Now we are really confused like the puppy below, aren’t we?



When  seriously searching for advice, it will become apparent to you that it’s just about everywhere; some of it is free and some of it is very expensive. By the same token, some advice is valuable, some of it is altogether worthless irrespective of the amount it may cost. The key to all this advice is to sort out what course of action is advantageous to you and your circumstance while rejecting the offerings that won’t increase your position or condition; after all, you must remember that most advice is just someone else’s opinion which may or may not necessarily be relevant, pertinent or applicable to you and your goals. Careful consideration and  examination of any advice which may appear logical and reasonable to you must be thoroughly investigated.

It is paramount that you consider tonight’s ThinkerBite; “Some of the most valuable advice is free, but all that’s free is not valuable. Therefore,  courtesy of  your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites: take your time, do your homework and above all, think for yourself. Remember that advice, it is a pleasure to give, humiliating to need and normal to ignore. The perfect advice for you will be whatever helps you trust yourself and clarifies the path to the realization of your dreams.



It's About You!

It’s About You!