The Power of Perception



Your life at any given point in time is a conglomeration of personal realities; that is to say, the reality  you live in is what you have mentally designed it to be; by your way of thinking and the things that compose the thoughts occupying your mind. Therefore, reality is a very personal thing and yet it’s limiting factor is really perception. The explanation for this truth is contained in a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, which states;” Like attracts like” meaning that if the patterns of  your thoughts are directed toward the positive, your life experiences and reality will expand the positive. Likewise, if patterns of thought are directed toward the negative, then the subsequent  life experiences and reality will expand the negative.


Some people have termed this Law as a “Philosophy of focused thought”, it is however much more than that because it actually works whenever it is learned and practiced. The prospect of positive thinking is a lifestyle of habit: meaning that it’s not natural, we are wired for negative thinking which can only design a negative reality.  Therefore we must teach ourselves to think positively, forming a lifelong habit which in turn, develops a positive reality that leads to a life of attracting success and happiness. The ThinkerBite today is; “The creation of a successful life is a perceived adaption of attitude which drives the reality it  causes to expand.” The truth contained in the positive focus of your thinking is You. The fact is that you are in control of your life’s outcome, sleep on that conception and your perception will change; as will your life. Why not begin it today because as we say here at TB; ” It’s All About The U In You.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!