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Almost no subject will generate as much discussion as a mention of the life rule of hard work. While thinking about hard work the human mind congers up pictures of hard physical labor like wood splitting or brick laying or farming. The fact is that there are many forms and types of work which can be both physical and mentally challenging. The cartoon below illustrates the opinion of the nature of hard work in the minds of some people but experience doesn’t bear out the proof of that idea and not to understand that is naive.


The conception of hard work can be exemplified in either exhaustive physical or mental labor and one not necessarily more work than the other. For instance, a cook who works hard over a grill and excels at his/her work is not working any harder than a computer programmer who excels in his job. Neither one of the previously mentioned labors are any easier than a construction worker’s job; providing that applied equal amounts of effort are exerted by those performing the work. Tonight’s TB is provided as a quote from Thomas Jefferson who said;” I’m a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more of it I have.” The point here to be locked in your mental computer is: life is all about hard work and not about getting lucky. The greatest attractor of success is and always has been action forged by hard work.


This truth has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout history and it’s the only model which can be proven to work. This scientific fact is not likely to do a quick change anytime in the foreseeable future so remember:” It’s All About The U Inside You“…..



It's About You!

It’s About You!