The Subtle Enemy: Habit



The ThinkerBite for tonight in the traditional form of a cultural proverb says; “The chains of a habit are nearly too light to be noticed, til they’re nearly too heavy to be broken.” Beware of your enemy which is subtle and slow, while it is weak in the beginning it becomes stronger as time passes, like the mighty oak tree it  grows stronger and stronger as time goes on. This is the course of our habits which may be weak at first and then become deeper ingrained into our character the longer we live. At times our habits can make us feel as though we are on a busy, endless highway and there aren’t any off ramps or exits as in the graphic below.

retro-futuristic-gifs-12-7669The habits gathered over the course of life aren’t all bad, some of them are really good to us and for us; as in study habits utilized in school, reading habits or personal hygiene habits. Some can be addictive and destructive; for instance, poor exercise habits, crude language, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor management of money, people and resources. Improper behavior which may be illegal, unethical or immoral often become lifelong habits for us, these behaviors begin subtly over a period of time, advance in small increments and grow into an almost nonremovable part of our lives.

As the sands through the hourglass, so are the habits of our lives; heard that somewhere before but it applies well here. Many are the habits that plague the human condition and few there be that can  control or change them. The key is to be aware they can be sneaky and subversive, so as not to allow them to take over your mind before you realize they’re in your head. Other than a  brief mention above, negative habits which may also be addictive physically, emotionally or mentally will be a Bite for another post and not the focus for tonight.


The chains of a habit are nearly too light to be noticed, til they’re nearly too heavy to be broken.”The people who are trying to get Personal Development into themselves must battle the natural inclination to get sucked in by the “negative action habit“; which can be acquired with little or no effort on our part. This habit syndrome lends itself well to our human tendency toward laziness and just sort of appears “incognito” without much notice, taking up residence in our daily life routines. Don’t let the subtle enemy of habit control your life, be the navigator of your own destiny and take charge. Now you know the secret; the secret is you didn’t know that the was a way to control your habits but there is it’s been inside you all the time and now you know the rest of the story. Change the way you think about your habits, break the chains and change your life!


It's About You!

It’s About You!