The Rules Of The Game


Look everywhere at everyone around you and take a moment to count the number of people you see that are winning at the game of life. Life is a game it is spiritual, physical, inspirational, emotional, trying, pleasing, satisfying, maddening, depressing and most times stressing but it’s a game nevertheless. There is only one problem with the equation: that is what are the rules that you need to know in order to play the game successfully?


That is the fifty thousand dollar question because not many people have a clue as to what the rules are, without which you can’t play the game; therefore they sit in the bleachers watching and dream of a chance to play. The opinion of most people is someday, somehow, somewhere surely we all will have an opportunity to exercise our abilities and take our places at the table of chance, claiming our turn to play in the big game. Well, welcome to the wake-up call: that only happens for a small number of people who were predestined to be wealthy, famous and have a comfortable life, while the majority of people live in obscurity and work themselves into an early grave, right? WRONG, the reason most don’t play the game is because we were never taught the rules at home, in church, elementary school, high school, college or at our nine to five careers. Humans spend the major percentage of our lives and efforts toward the “daily grind”, even though most of us claim to detest or literally hate our dead end jobs.


Now that we took the bird’s eye view of the cause of the problem, the basics we needed in the first place to play in the game. The required items necessary to participate in the game and have a chance of winning are: first; dream without a dream nothing happens, secondly; plan / learn to set goals and thirdly; achieving goals/vision one step at a time. So, let’s recap; dream, plan/action and goal. Without a dream the plan will not be formed, without a plan the goal will not be attainable and without the three the game can not be played. Today is a new day, tomorrow waits on no one and your future in the game is up to you, what’s it gonna be?



Tonight’s ThinkerBite is; “Life is like a baseball game: in order to begin successfully playing the game, you must first know what the rules are, set your plan for the win and execute your plan toward the winning goal.” There remains no justifiable or logical reason for you not to step up to the plate, dust off your shoes and take a swing at the ball. It’s time to begin formulating a strategy; apply the tools required and “hit it out of the park!” You can do this and we’ve got your back,  courtesy of your caring  friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites.


It's About You!

It’s About You!