The Insurmountable Rut


Stuck In A Rut

There’s a place where no one intends to end up, a sort of “catch all” of human failures, a pit of common woes, dark and unpleasant is this figurative ditch we have designated as the rut.  The rut is designed for those who have resigned themselves to a predestined fate and surrendered all hope of ever bettering their unalterably insufferable condition. Boy, is that a lot of bunk or what? In a word, yep!

Man Sitting In Valley

The Rut


Unfortunately, the common world view of the situation does not provide a plausible alternative which could effect a change of life circumstance and enable an exit out of the previously considered insurmountable rut. These are the thoughts that confound us at every turn when  considering the realm of what is termed standard conventional thinking which is reported to be the detailed information of how life is supposed to work.  Thoughts regarding our place in this world, the status of our innate abilities as human beings and how that all relates to the way in which we view the human condition are the cause for the creation of the rut; in short, we are educationally programmed to identify and except our own personal “limitations.”


The truth is the ThinkerBite for tonight; “As human beings, we have no limitations other than those we impose on ourselves.” All that you can imagine is possible and whatever you deem as impossible is! The understanding with which we perceive, organize, plan and execute our personal approach to living will dictate the outcome or end result of our lives. At this time do you find yourself stuck in the “proverbial” rut and more importantly, what if anything do you plan to do about itThe power of your thinking should never be underestimated;  even the Bible states as have so many famous people throughout history and in so many various ways; “As you think, so shall you become.” The question remaining must be answered for you, solely by you; what shall you become? Maybe the answer is not much because you are and will be, stuck in a rut…..



It's About You!

It’s About You!