Do You Hear That?


 Hear That?

There are many numerous plans and schemes to generate, engage and welcome opportunity into our lives. One subject not much discussed in the everyday world is what happens if you try everything and opportunity  still doesn’t knock on your door?

Well, you’ve got to ask yourself a few questions in order to discover the cause to that query; and solve the problem.  First, do you have a door which can be easily accessed or is it covered with  overgrowth, vines, and unwelcoming creatures? The second thing is; do you even have a door to knock on? Thirdly, the possibility that opportunity knocked but you didn’t hear it: is your life composed of so much “busy-work” that you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to listen? Sometimes, maybe opportunity gets a bad rap, the problem is us and not opportunities knock after  all.


If your door is inaccessible fix it, if it is nonexistent, maybe you need one … ya think? That brings us to the point of the Bite for tonight, courtesy of your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites; “If opportunity doesn’t knock at your door, maybe you should build a new door, clean your’s up or could it be that you just weren’t listening?“A serious note worth consideration; the things that occupy the biggest part of your time: sort them well, there are activities which grow your life and those that create a vegetation process. Human’s weren’t meant to become vegetables, so watch what you are planting in the garden of your mind. Make an earnest attempt at developing things in your head that serve your purpose and propel you in the direction of your dreams toward the goal.images-29

When I was a teenager, my Grandpa had a full head of hair, while as Grandpa explained it, my Dad was blinding us all at the family dinners with the reflection off his shining dome. Grandpa would never miss an opportunity to needle my Dad about, as he put it: head growing up through the hair.  graphics-3d-smileys-177509 We’d all laugh and I plainly recall one particular Thanksgiving day I (these were all day affairs in our family), it began after Grandpa sat down at the table, as soon as he had said “Grace” and  we all looked up: he pulled on a pair of sunglasses and began with his normal remarks and humorous innuendos about the abundance of skin showing and glowing on the top of Dad’s head, when Dad said; “Well, grass doesn’t grow on a busy street, that’s why you have so much hair” to which Grandpa quickly replied; “ Well son, it doesn’t grow on concrete either!” I remember when Grandpa passed away, the holiday dinners were never quite the same after that. I lovingly recall my Dad relating to my Grandfather at the following family Christmas eve dinner this short poem; “All and all God is fair, to some he gives brains and to others, hair!”

I shared these memories to say, from my family I learned early to have a sense of humor about everything, especially myself and listen to the wisdom in the words of others. Dad always said; ” There’s a reason you have two ears and one mouth,  learn to listen twice as much as you talk.” That’s what the Bite is all about tonight; listening, it’s the key; expect to hear and be ready to answer when opportunity knocks on your door.  Are you ready, are you…..listeningIf opportunity doesn’t knock at your door, maybe you should build a new door, clean your’s up or could it be that you just weren’t listening?



It's About You!

It’s About You!