Reality: What Does It Really Mean?



I don’t know of a more down-home photograph than the one above to illustrate the point of tonight’s ThinkerBite.  The image brings to mind two thoughts, what is it;  is it real or  just an elaborate bunch of trick photography “smoke and mirrors?”


The answers to the questions posted above are all really quite irrelevant in formulating an understanding of the concept which basically encompasses reality because realistically, one person’s reality may be another’s “never-neverland.

The human imagination is perhaps the most amazing characteristic that the complex mind  can exercise and it is directly responsible for all the human technological advances since time began. All the items, ideas, and inventions we use were first a thought, then the thought was organized and adjusted until it became a usable, fashionable piece of reality. Everyday things that we take for granted such as a table or a chair, a fork or a knife were once someone’s brainchild, which wasn’t in existence before their mind imaged them. Don’t forget that sometimes, reality is just a matter of perception like the turtle pictured below.


The Bite is;”Reality: don’t mistake it, you can make it but you can’t fake it, you might break it if you overthink it.” You decide your own reality…..








It's About You!

It’s About You!