With each passing second, hour, day, week, month and year there is always time for our lives to change. Despite the prevailing attitude that life is what it is because it’s all a matter of chance, the luck of the draw, the way the cookie crumbles, the story that is destiny and so many other cliches that there isn’t space to post them in this Bite. The fact of the matter is the prevailing ideas regarding life change and our own control over those changes is  absolutely bogus.


The ability to take control over the outcome of your life is approximately 98% on you, that is to say that what our lives become or don’t become is clearly up to the choices we make and not according to something, someone else or the ever popular factor of chance.  Here at ThinkerBites, we feel it is our mission and responsibility to help you obtain a positive, realistic and factual understanding of the truth as it relates to your ability to become all that you can become to reach all the goals of your dreams. In short to make your life better: emotionally, mentally,  financially, physically and spiritually. You are in charge of your future and all that it holds for you and that’s the foundation on which all the rest of the house of your life is built. The Bite for tonite is;” Change is a matter of choice and not a matter of chance.” The choice is as always, up to you and the question is what you gonna do?


It's About You!

It’s About You!