Dealing With The Issue

 images-62Deal With It!

I think we can safely say that no one really plans to fail but as humans, we have a tendency toward putting new or uncertain things off until a more convenient time when we’ll have a better understanding of the situation. We often defer decisions  which we think or feel might create some sacrifices or  formulate a  change in life that we can’t predict, let alone control. There’s something about not feeling like you’re in control of the happenstancesgraphics-3d-smileys-819940 occur in life that makes people crazy, stressed and just plain disagreeable.

images-17-copyWell, let’s cut to the chase; get the picture that there are somethings you just can’t put-off or terribly bad things can happen and more often than not, do. The matter is further complicated by our emotions which change about as quick as the weather in Central Arkansas or any given day; all in all it can become a swarming problem for anyone in just about a heart beat and you know old Murphy’s Law: { if anything can  possibly go wrong, it will }. Right about now, our chances of coming through this unscathed are looking more and more unlikely with every second that passes. That brings us to the Bite for tonight; “Unless failure is your intended goal, dealing with the problems associated with procrastination won’t wait until tomorrow.” There is no need to start a race that you intend to lose, it doesn’t make sense; so it is with your future. No one plans to be a failure at life, it just sort of happens… right? NO,  wrong. The smallest success story in history didn’t start out as a plan to become the  world’s worst possible failure….how’s the story turn out for you? Better not put-off figuring that one out, the end result could be”not so lovely.” By the way Murphy’s Law is not a real “Law”, oh you figured that out well many people still believe it is a fact; believe it or not!



It's About You!

It’s About You!