The Mind-Set Thing




In the real world of Personal Development, there is one main key factor which will determine the end result of success and that’s “MindSet“. This does not preclude or disregard things such as intention, dedication, education, investment, goal setting or life design. However, that being said, without a positive mind-set the rest of the equation will be equal to approximately: (0) / zero (aka) nothing. This point requires emphasis so here is the whole ball of wax; if you find yourself discouraged, depressed, down trodden, stressed by the seemingly unchangeable advancement toward the goals of your dreams and you feel as though you can’t get a breakthrough, which you can’t correct, then be prepared to be stuck right where you are until you can. That’s the mean and ugly truth, however, it IS absolutely the truth. People get stuck in the “woe is me” state and drain their own energy, then are unable to refuel, which results in permanent, perpetual failure until they just give in, give-up and quit or start to recognize and manage the real problem at hand, their current MindSet.

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Consider the comic story of Superman, his amazing powers, and abilities which could only be weakened by a small substance particle of an element from his home planet. Pieces of debris which were hurled into space when his home planet exploded: containing an element called “Kryptonite“. Success is not attracted toward anything containing it’s Kryptonite; which is the energy of negativity.


Let’s consider the ancient story of Achilles and his deadly vulnerable heel. In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War, who was supposedly half god and half man, one of the central characters and greatest warrior of Homer’s book;  The Iliad. He had only one small vulnerability: his ankles. During the battle for control of the city of Troy, Homer tells the ancient story of how another soldier defeated the seemingly invincible warrior with a simple arrow in his ankle, his only point of weakness. The point being made here is: it is usually small, insignificant, unapparent things that destroy the large important ones in life and so is the dream killer of a negative mindset; disregard it and pay the price. Those of us who have spun our wheels,  paid our dues and finally found the answer are offering it to all those in search of it for free. Get a hold on Mind-Set and you’re on your way to big league attraction of Success and after all, isn’t that what we’re all really after? If this resonates with you, apply yourself and gather all the information necessary to incorporate a positive Mind-Set. You’re so welcome from the courtesy of your friendly – online –neighborhood ThinkerBites. The Bite for tonight is; ” Pry that negative Mind-Set out of your head and replace it with a positive perspective if your purpose is to attract Success and reach your dreams.”


It's About You!

It’s About You!