Sometimes life just sorta kicks you in the head, you know what I mean? It seems like setbacks are around every corner;  that’s probably because they are but they’re perfectly and negatively normal. Take, for instance, the guy in the photograph above who is stuck on the side of the road with a giant bunch of cures in his truck for the problem with his truck and yet he apparently lacks the tools to capitalize on the situation.

This is the way of life; to resolve the setbacks and remedy the problems that do and will happen, with tools gathered along the journey which in the beginning you didn’t even know you would eventually require. There would be no difficult problems to learn how to resolve if you already had and knew how to use the tools to correct them as they occurred. The secret is keep developing, growing, changing to adapt yourself to get up quicker and become stronger with each failure recovery. People say that there is no way to success, however, that evaluation doesn’t add up, the way to success is through your failures not without them. Every failure that is overcome will provide the source of power necessary to enable you to reach your goals and objectives one step at a time. Get this down please…. that is the intent with which life’s system is designed; if you do not experience failure then you’re not doing something right because there can be no gain without some pain and that my friend is”how the cow ate the cabbage.” 

Oh my, how many others have been through this or worse incidents time after time? The answer might surprise some folks but we all have, that’s the plain and simple of the matter! Every day we all deal with good, bad, up, down, happiness, sadness, elation, discouragement, failures, and successes, not to see that is to be nieve. The Bite for today is; “Giving up your goals due to a setback is the same as slitting your other 3 tires because one went flat” and that doesn’t make sense. Remember, when failure gets Murphy’s Law to pop you on the head, stop and reason: recognize, evaluate and rectify whatever happens while keeping your cool and integrity in check. This will create more Personal Development growth in your life because”It’s all about the U in you.”


It’s About You!