An Original

Stary Night: Vincent Van Gogh

 An Original

 Time: Salvador Dali

There are among men those who have talents and abilities which excel above the norm;  it is they who  have created masterpieces of art and literature.   The works such as the painting above are “one of a kind” creations and as such are counted among the treasures of the world.

Pieta, The C.1498 Buonarroti, Michelangelo

Many other art forms exist: in various sculpture, pottery; different forms of painting, creations of wood, stone, sand and metals. The world famous masterpieces of literature as those of  The Bible, Cecero, Shakespeare, Frost, Plato, Mark Twain are timeless works that are loved from generations past even onto now. Music also has it’s treasured masterworks such as Bach, Beethoven, Strauss right down to song and music writers  and composers of today.

You might ask how this topic relates to you personally and that’s why it is offered as the Thinkerbite for tonight; Shine; God only made one of you, which means youre an original piece of work!”  Yes, You are an original, a masterpiece”one of a kind” so don’t be afraid to begin to become all that you can be, believe in yourself and control your own destiny because only you can! “It’s All About The U In You and it always has been.”……


It’s About You!