New Year Resolution?

A New Years Resolution

At this time of the year most people are contemplating what is affectionately known as a”New Years Resolution.” Most people think that they will self-impose a better way of thinking, planning, behavior or image for themselves by making one or more of these resolutions which are usually forgotten, disregarded and fail immediately or shortly after the inception. This effort turns out most of the time not  to be worth the energy expended to think it up, plan and implement it because we only halfheartedly attempt to achieve the desired result; ending  up in frustration over the whole matter and obtaining nothing that could be considered even mildly successful or worthwhile. The odd thing is that we’ll try the same tactic over again next year!     the merry-go-round and decide to change your life with a change in your thinking, which by the way is the only method proven to really work anyway so what have you got to lose? The Bite tonight is all about relationships, the relationships of family to children which are the most important of all and the least discussed in the lesson structure of Personal Development as a whole.

 This New Year ThinkerBites would like to pose a new idea for you to mull over in your mind this and so we offer this Bite on that behalf; “Beware of the teachings you instill in your children, hatred is  not natural it’s a learned behavior which generates as it’s three main byproducts; ignorance, poverty and stupidity.” Instead of a resolution opt for real change, a change in the way you think will change your whole outlook on everything and make your life and the lives of all those you touch richer, sweeter, brighter, closer and the world a better place in which to live for us all. Wouldn’t we all be happier, safer and more fulfilled without Hate. It’s past time that it was no longer taught to any child, anywhere on this planet so let’s get a handle on it in 2017 and begin to see the benefits of it’s demise for the good of the human condition and the betterment of us all…


It’s About You!