Self Talks


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 The person who discovers this little “gemof ahabit” will be a peg up on the crowd and have a major lead on the rest of the pack in reaching the goals necessary to achieve your dreams. When we’re talking about Personal Development building blocks, this one is tiny but really big league.

In order to grow into all that your potential entails you must be in touch with yourself and this is why Self Talks are so advantageous. It is imperative that you realize we’re not just talking any talks here, we’re talking Positive self planning discussions had with the chairman of your board, the CEO of your Personal Development: you. The important thing to comprehend here is that you can’t possibly win in this game without the discipline, conditioning and control of yourself. These self chats will help you adjust your daily attitude which is a “must have” in growing the strength and character of a winner.

Your attitude rules your destiny on a daily basis and no major success can be maintained without a strongly positive attitude selection. Notice I said selection because attitude is a conscious choice not a lucky chance. If you find that you don’t understand this post research the Law of Attraction which will explain the overall relationship of a positive outlook on life and the outcome of success. The ThinkerBite for tonight is simple when understood but powerful when implemented. “Practice Positive self talks daily, it will reap huge benefits.”

It’s About You!