The subject of ideas and the way we best utilize the concept is particularly important in the health and understanding of yourself, without which your Personal Development will starve, shrivel and commence to do the “dying chicken,” flip on it’s back, kick up it’s legs and die.  It’s not pretty picture so this is a must-get-down pill if attraction and acquisition of success is the overall goal of your life.

While a person should ideally learn something new daily, it seems that we pay little attention to the new things we learn regularly and tend to share them with others even less. Human beings should strive to help others, sharing all learned information and life lessons freely. When an understanding of happiness is gained people realize (hopefully) that real satisfaction and happiness are obtained solely through helping others. This is a universal truth which is demonstrated by healthy, self aware, Personally Developed mature individuals of advanced inner growth.

The ThinkerBite for tonight is this “Ideas like music are always most meaningful shared with others.” Learn all you can at every single opportunity and perfect it to the best of your ability, then teach it to someone else because helping others will reward you beyond belief  and enable your continued growth and development to the best you can become; and that friends is what Personal Development is all about! As we are fond of saying here at your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites; ” It’s All About The U In You!”



It’s About You!