In Over Your Head

In Over Your Head

Maybe it’s just me but have you ever felt that you were stuck in the endless line of life that wasn’t moving at all? Sometimes you may feel that your in over your head and yet you are digging deeper. The question that is commonly asked by most human beings to themselves is; isn’t there something more to life than depression or giving up and is my future ever going to change for the better?

It seems like about mid 40’s most people think that their chance to attain the realization of their dreams is over and they become resigned to a life of dissatisfaction, disappointment and regret which ultimately ends in unhappiness. Although this outcome is common, it is nevertheless unnecessary and anybody can change the scenario by simply changing the way you think about yourself, the world, wealth, money and real meaning of happiness. Dr. Wayne Dyer said;” When you change the things you look at, the things you look at will change” and that premise can be applied to the understanding of the inner self, the real you… only better.

The ThinkerBite for tonight is;” When you’re in over your head, stop digging” because repetition of ¬†our previous digging behavior obviously doesn’t work. A new method of resolution needs to be researched, selected and put in play and ” It’s All About The U In You.”

The real answer has been inside you all along, through all the ¬†falls and failures, despite all the past holes that lead to more unfruitful digging. When you’re tired of getting nowhere look inside your mind and heart, you know it’s the truth: you are the maker or breaker of your own path to success. Stop, make a decision to change and begin to become all that you always wanted because the truth is only you can. Understand; change is a matter of choice not a matter of chance!



It’s About You!