So, You’re What?


Some people think that human beings are nothing more than a highly evolved animal, while some believe that you’re sort of an evolutionary accident, still others believe that you’re a unique creation from the hands of God. I must confess that I believe the latter from a personal search and contemplation of the available facts, however, it is not my purpose here to attempt to change your opinions of what you are from the physical-spiritual standpoint but to help you understand what you are from on an emotional/mental perspective. Suffice it to say that my point is necessary to comprehend if you seriously desire to find a path or method to attain the goals of your fondest dreams.

To this end we here at ThinkerBites offer this thought to you for your careful consideration;” You Are What You Think.” Yep, that’s right; the plain and simple of the subject. If anybody wishes to better their present lifestyle and become all that they can become, then a change of the pattern of thinking must be found and adopted. The failure oriented Negative thinking, which is natural, by the way, must be altered and a mindsetreset must be made: enter the power of Positive thinking.

The Laws < see The Law of Attraction> which govern the functions of the universe point to the fact that without a positive thought process, failure will be the overall final conclusion of the efforts of humanity; this is due mainly to the fact that negativity can not and will not ever attract success in any long term form. Success brings with it happiness and a real satisfaction of life. Therefore, it must be completely understood that what you THINK is not only what you are but ultimately, what you finally become!

It’s About You!