There Is A Reason

There Is A Reason Why

 To the rationalization of our minds everything  has a reason why it exists in our universe and the design of the human condition is no exception. We were designed with so many complicated  emotions, physical senses, organs, systems and pre-wired abilities that it boggles the mind and pushes the envelope of our intellects. The technological advances we are discover daily are arriving at an astounding rate. Regular new scientific treatments for disease, agriculture, energy sources and knowledge to improve the human condition expand on every turn of human evolution. The photograph below is a grid of newly discovered material that can replace today’s current solar cells of silicon and are thousands of times more efficient to produce, are much less expensive to to manufacture and purchase.

 As a species we are naturally curious about the why of everything but don’t give much serious thought to the simple things in front of our eyes. Such is the ThinkerBite for tonight; “There is a reason why you and I have one mouth and two ears; we were designed to listen twice as much as we speak.” Think about the things you say without thinking and without being mindful of it’s effect on others around us. That’s the purpose of this Bite, we can all benefit from a better and clearer understanding of ourselves……

      Mm, Did I say that?



It’s About You!