Learn The Difference

Learn The Difference

 { Part 1 } Brain verses Mind

As I search through the Personal Development Philosophy that has influenced my personal growth the most, I have tried to pin-point the basic things that helped me understand myself best. I will reveal them through a series of articles for everyone who is searching for a method to enable themselves to pursue their dreams. Find yourself a blueprint which is simple to comprehend, can easily be identified and adopted. The ThinkerBite for tonight is; “It is time to make up your mind“…….

The idea is to make this process simple to execute while providing an expediting, straight forward, readable and manageable plan which can realistically supply all the information needed. The thing that most surprised me when I discovered Personal Development, it became apparent to me that there was some necessary information hidden from me right under my nose all along. As I searched, hunted and exhaustively sought what I needed to correct the direction toward my dreams, I fell over it on several occasions quite unknowingly. Once I got a handle on the truth I was so amazed and confounded that I hadn’t seen beyond the multiple distractions during all the fruitless tries I had made to discover my inner self through my many efforts in the past.


To Be Continued..            


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