The Proof that 1+1 = 1

 1+1=1 ?

{ Part 2 }Brain Verses Mind


The first and foremost point which I must communicate is, we all have a brain and we all have a mind but contrary to popular belief; they are “NOT” the same thing. That is to say that your mind and your brain are separate operational entities. This fact can be illustrated by examination of how humans gain and utilize information as follows; your brain cannot be completely controlled by you, this is demonstrated by the fact that when you sleep your mind does not keep your autonomic functions operational, such as your heartbeat or respiration levels; your brain does that without your intervention, control or even your awareness. The key fact to realize is that two components which constitute your thinking are not the same.

The mind makes all conscious decisions which control your behavior, demeanor and imagination, all creative functions, therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the role of the brain inside your head can be identified and understood by your mind, over which you do have total control. When you sleep your mind is the source of your dreams through your subconscious thoughts, your brain is a tool that your mind uses and while your brain sleeps your mind is wide awake orchestrating your thinking, imagining and dreaming. The brain is the calculator while the mind is the finger selecting the appropriate values on the keyboard, as I said before, your mind is the thought initiator and your brain is just the tool it uses.The ThinkerBite here is;” The Brain is the thinking TOOL, while the MIND controls it’s power.”


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