Funnels & Drains


Funnels & Drains

We begin here tonight on a serious note by introducing this thought;  “Be A Funnel and Not A Drain!” When you try to get a mental handle on this comparison it is important that you see the difference between the meaning of the two terms. A funnel gathers something in order to deposit or retain what goes down the vortex for future use as in an opening wider at the top than it is at the bottom which is used as a guide contents into a small opening. A funnel also contains the idea of channel, feed, move, convey, pass toward  and in motion. These  stored things may include knowledge, content, material or even information.


A drain on the other hand pulls away, leaving empty, dry or void and it can also be applied as to mean deprived of strength or vitality. The idea here is to be a positive funnel which encourages and assists the betterment of everyone whom you touch. The other choice is to be a drain and pull others down with negativity until they are dried out, energy drained and won’t recover soon after, if ever. Don’t be a psychological vampire sucking the life out of others with which you come in contact; instead build up…don’t tear down and your world and mine will be a better place.