Brain/ Tool & Mind Power #3

 Brain Verses Mind

{Part 3}

The point here can be illustrated this way; your brain is the computer hardware, powerful indeed, however, without the software to initiate activity and direction to the mighty computer, it does nothing and your mind is that software. Without your mind your brain is a useless tool which serves no purpose. It’s sort of like a car motor: without some way to harness, control and operate the motor it is just that, a power plant without a purpose of function. Although cars are very sophisticated these days, they do not select the road, destination or fuel grade used to supply the energy needed to propel the vehicle in the appropriate direction, we do that.


The point is your brain isn’t YOU but your mind is! The brain can be preserved in liquid hydrogen for prolonged periods of time but it can’t initiate thought without your mind which is the living essence of you. Your mind is the power source of your brain so to speak, the force that empowers it, yet does not totally control it; therefore, there is a constant battle between your brain and mind over who really controls the creature known as “you.” Once you understand that your brain doesn’t control you and that (YOU) your mind is the power factor; then this thing called Personal Development enters every facet of your life in a huge way. The point of Personal Development is to teach you that you can control your brain through your mind and how to accomplish that through the power of self discovery and positive thinking. The ThinkerBite for tonight concludes this series/ Brain verses Mind; ” In love and war the brain is blind because the heart resides inside the mind.” Just think about it……..

It’s About You!