A Garden Of Scents

A Garden Of Scents

Living in the mind-boggling busy world today requires a patient attitude and a hard work ethic which leaves most of us without time to slow down enough to enjoy life. We run from one crisis to the next losing track of our relationships and our humanity all in the name of getting ahead. Sometimes you just have to stop all the distractions, take a personal inventory of yourself and where you were heading before you got this far off track.

While it is true that you must work hard, plan, set goals, initiate the means to achieve them. It is also paramount that we have a balance of work and relaxation in order to live a long, healthy, happy and successful lives. The truth is living can be tough but it was designed to be more than a constant striving experience, it was meant to be enjoyed. Take the time to be grateful for all that your life is and can be; stop, love those around you. Take a deep breath, relax smell the flowers!

The Bite for tonight is; “Life is a garden of scents, be sure and take time to smell the flowers.” Ahh, isn’t that better……” It’s All About The U In You!”


It’s About You!