Have You Tasted That?

Have You Tasted That?

It has been said that success is attracted by large piles of failure. This is because you find happiness and success through your failures and not aside from them. Remember that; “The road to success is paved with failure so don’t let your disappointments become the motivating circumstance which causes you to give up on your journey.

The other common factor failure has to success is that it teaches and fosters the skills and good attitudes which stimulate your personal growth and inner self maturity.  Failure also builds your characteristics and stamina without which true and lasting happiness/success cannot be had. I hope that you can see that failure is not an option, it is a necessity and all who reach happiness and success will go through the same processes on the journey to get there: think, plan, work, fail, get up, re-plan, retry and repeat again and again all along the road toward your destination. Repaving the road with your failures as you advance toward your destiny; changing, adapting and setting new goals as you go.

The Bite for tonight is;”Failure creates the seasoning which flavors success.” In the end,  the two are inseparable and it’s all about what you become that determines where you arrive on your journey. Post this on a sticky-note in  the front of your mind;”It’s All About The U In You!”

Failure creates the seasoning which flavors success.” ThinkerBites


It’s About You!