What’s The Bottom Line

Bottom Line

When dealing with life’s events the one commonality that stands out is the famous old bottom line. The term is applicable to almost everything including our businesses, taxes, savings and most other facets of our lives. It seems that the bottom line is a very important and useful concept to understand; especially, as  it applies to the subject of Personal Development.


The bottom line in tonight’s Bite  is;”Thinking: the past time of the wealthy and the tool of the successful.” One of the many things not taught to us in school is that there is a difference between thinking with the mind and vegetating with the brain. Mindless brain exercises don’t accomplish much but expansion of the mind can create new inventions and power new ideas. The wealthy get that way by thinking and supplying the necessary actions to their thoughts to control and change reality. Successful people will identify with the phrase you are what you think because it is a proven truth that has stood the test of time and it still works today whenever it is adopted and applied. The key is Think, it’s the Bottom Line. “It’s All About The U In You.”An investment in your mind is never a losing matter…think positive it’s a matter of common sense. Thinking can change your attitude which controls your altitude!

What’s your past time? Common sense says it should be thinking…well?








It’s About You!