Every Dog



 Dogs are sort of like people, some are friendly while others are not ( like the dog above). Some folks are cheerful, helpful and honestly generous while others are prophets of doom, only interested in self and stingy. This is the way of the world and for that matter the way of dogs too.

The ThinkerBite for thought tonight is; “ Every DOG must scratch his or her own fleas“, so it is with our own personal growth. We are the responsible party for ourselves; we must as it were scratch our own fleas. No one else can make the changes in your life or my life necessary to attract success, that we must do on our own and with the power we all have inside.

The road to our goals is a journey toward the fulfillment of our dreams and we must all make our way through the failures, trials and troubles of this life. Success for everyone is possible if people will see the way and have the commitment to try until they achieve the desired result. Never give-up or give-in, keep on keeping on and you’ll reach your goals, after all, “It’s All About The U In You.”

It’s About You!