Fences & Walls


Fences and Walls

Fences and walls are boundaries, protective barriers that are designed and constructed to keep something contained in a predetermined space or area and provide a measure of privacy  as well as security. People build them to protect businesses, home and public structures as an important element to the securing of our property. Fences and walls are also utilized to keep something in while keeping other things out of a defined space or area.  If there comes a time that the walls and fences become unnecessary, they are removed or allowed to decay and fall on their own.

While fences and walls have similarities, they also have unique and defining differences. Let’s consider the two terms separately; fences are tangible, substantive things which may or may not opaque and are temporary. Walls, on the other hand, are permanent structures which are solid for security and privacy. Walls can also  be figurative or abstract as in self-limiting; mentally erected walls designed for self protection. We sometimes build these mental walls thinking they will protect us from the heart brake of failure because of a lack of faith or trust in ourselves. The walls of self doubt and fear of failure are truly some of the most difficult for humans to recognize and overcome.


While it is true that a person must know their limitations, it is also true that your limitations are what you make them. We are all limited only by our own mind sets; in the realm limits there really aren’t any because  you can do anything that you think you can do and nothing more. In other words, we are only limited by our own  mindset of thinking and our predisposed self perceptions.

The Bite for tonight is; “We are only confined only by the walls that we build for ourselves” so what walls have you erected in your life? The walls of fear and low self esteem will destroy your natural mindset, tear them down and watch your life begin to grow fuller, richer, sweeter and more satisfying than ever before. After all, what have you got to lose?

Your life was designed to be a win-win and you were never meant to sit on the sidelines of life and be a spectator; you were meant to play the game and win. You are only limited by the walls you have built and if your life is less than you desire knock down those walls…because only you can! “It’s All About The U In You!”


It’s About You!