What Is It That You Need?


What You Need     


Think with me for a moment or two and ask yourself; just what is it that I need from life? If you are contemplating that question many thoughts will pop into your head all at once and you will probably feel over-whelmed at the confusing avalanche of possibilities simultaneously bombarding your mind.

If you ask others the question: what exactly is it you need to thrive, succeed and be happy with the hand life has dealt you, you will get as many different answers as there are different opinions about any given subject in the universe. Welcome to the real world!

The subject on the table is addressed best by the late great Jim Rohn  which supplies our ThinkerBite for tonight; ” Life is NOT designed to provide what you need, it is designed to provide what you deserve.”  What you need is generally a matter of individual preference and not a required component necessary to the betterment of your lot in life.

Remember that sometimes what we need and what we want can become all jumbled up and create a huge gob of trouble for us as well as for others whose lives we touch.

Approach your planned goals with a smidgen of caution mixed with a bit of self assurance and  carefully weigh the { pros and cons } to every decision . Begin by admitting to yourself that life is not fair and comes without any money-back-guarantees or redo’s. Bad things sometimes happen to good people, so suck it up and face your fears without an attitude of  “the world owes me” because it doesn’t. You can succeed at this thing called life as long as you expect and accept the unexpected because in the final analysis; “ It’s All About The U In You.”



It’s About You!