The Bite for tonight is one which contains several abstract applications to the human existence and the ideas expressed have many interpretive analogies that can be extracted from them. The realization of this truth can lead you into their meaning for you personally and our goal at ThinkerBites is to inform you, enabling you to make your own personal decision as to what the content says to you.

We hope that our input will lead you to form your own opinion as to the degree of effect the principals noted are and of what value to your personal growth. The unraveling of the thoughts presented, has at it’s basic purpose to aid you in analyzing the facts and form an intelligent conclusion as to how they apply to your plan for life success and happiness.

Please don’t blow the analogical thoughts shared here off as nonsense because you will overlook a very valuable concept which fuels the growth of your Personal Development. Some people will say that what you do doesn’t matter in the long run because you are a product of fate and your environment; if you believe that then you don’t need to waste anymore time reading any further on this website. It really doesn’t matter what techniques you apply to your plan for Success, without Personal Development you’ll never reach your goals or the full potential you were designed to accomplish.

In the final analysis, consider the ThinkerBite, compliments of an old proverb; “ Be sure that your chickens will come home to roost.” Life is what You make it, not what some predetermined destiny has arranged for you. It matters little what happens to you because in the end because the outcome of your journey it will be what you’ve made it. You see, it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you deal with what happens that counts. It is important to understand that since your chickens always come home to roost, that you select good chickens …..you get the point? Remember, positive choices = positive results and the reverse is also true so keep an eye on those chickens because; “ It’s All About The U In You.”


It’s About You!