The Law Of Self & Others


Self & Others

It is only human to sometimes feel like you give and give without even a thank you from the people on the receiving end of your efforts. The resultant emotions can leave you feeling as though you are taken for granted, totally unappreciated and used. However, these feelings shouldn’t be allowed to overly influence the way in which we respond to the needs of others. The fact is we all concentrate far too much on our own interests and not enough on the interests of those whose lives we touch or influence daily. It seems that a built-in, hard wired tenancy of human beings to be selfish and self centered controls us more than we even realize. True happiness and fulfillment are gained more by what we do for others than what we do for “number one.”

The Bite for tonight is; “ If you always put others first, you’ll never come out last” when you give of yourself, you always are the one who benefits from the effort. Some have called this “the rule of reciprocity”, when it is really a principal of nature. The truth remains that how humans choose to live is a matter of personal preference; you decide whether or not to be a caring/sharing individual in your own heart and mind. The thing that is so hard to learn is;  about the time you learn how to become a human being your body wears out, leaving you precious little time to utilize the wisdom which took you a lifetime to acquire.

The giant truth contained in a small phrase;“ If you always put others first, you’ll never come out lastbecause true happiness and satisfaction are found in knowing and giving of yourself. The simple expression of this complex idea was brought to you by your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites.  Just try putting others before yourself and you’ll see that it really works, it always did. We just didn’t understand that for the majority of  our adulthood but It’s all about the U in you.


It’s About You!